• brianna digioia

chris forsyth, nublu residency // fridays in sept. 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Every time I see a Chris Forsyth show it is better and better. Forsyth is in the middle of a Friday night month long residency at Nublu (151), where in addition to Solar Motel Band sets, he is joined by special guests. I missed Night 1 with Garcia Peoples (though luckily got to see that combination at Market Hotel last month), so I made sure I caught Night 2 Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon. Often at a Forsyth show I will shake my head in awe, then look around at the crowd and notice others doing the exact same thing. We'll meet eyes and ultimately laugh, as though we are all collectively going "Whaaaaaaat? Yes." There are two more Friday sets, so don't miss them! Check out more from this show on the music section of this site!

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